Jon Snow’s Wrap — Let’s Knit This Together

Grab your TSCArtyarns or Artyarns yarn and let’s knit this together.  You can knit it using one or two colors, and adjust the number of stitches you cast on according to how many skeins you are using.

I was inspired by Jon Snow in Game of Thrones:


I love the way the animal skins that he wears create drama around the neckline.  This knitted design evokes the look, without using any actual animal skin.  I will be posting Part 1 for everyone to try on June 1 on Ravelry.  However, to participate in this free knitalong, you must use TSCArtyarns or Artyarns yarn and have a Ravelry account.  I used 2 skeins of Zara Hand-Dyed, one in color Z3, and one in color Z18.  Have fun with your own combinations.  Remember that you can view color options for TSCArtyarns yarn here:

and color options for Artyarns yarn here:


So make sure to have it ready and in hand.  Once you have posted a photo of Part 1 using Artyarns yarn, I will be sending you subsequent parts by Ravelry private message.  There will be prizes for completing it by August 1.

The pattern will be available for sale by December 2013 for the holidays as part of an E-book.  So if you can’t join this knitalong for any reason, just hang on.

Here are some yarn ideas to help you pick your yarns and colors:

1. Completed version shown in Zara Hand-Dyed, 1 skein each color Z3 and Z18.

2. Here’s one started in Cashmere 5, variegated color, and I am knitting it using just 1 yarn:


I have set up a link on Ravelry to discuss yarn options here:



  1. I will choose my yarns accordingly and look forward to getting in on this fun knit a long!

  2. I ordered my yarn today from Yarnmarket.

  3. Wow – guess who’s going yarn shopping this weekend??? Can’t wait to start!!!

  4. Would I be able to use Adora? If so, would I need 2 skeins or more? Thanks!

    1. Yes, but you would need a minimum of 280 yards for a scarf version (approximately 4 skeins)

  5. Is this pictured project the scarf or shawl???

  6. I am using the gorgeous Zara hand-dyed yarn. My question is what is the difference between “knit the next stitch with its wrap” in step 2 and “pick up stitich and wrap” in step 3?

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