Here’s a fun top-down lace cardigan that is really easy to work once you have the hang of it.  I used 1 skein of Merino Cloud and 1 skein of Beaded Silk and Sequins Light to knit the small version.



There is something really fun and satisfying about knitting lace diamonds in garter stitch, and using the natural eyelets in the diamonds to form the increases needed in a top-down raglan design makes it seamlessly lovely.  The pattern is difficult to size conventionally because the diamonds are a finite size, but I have included 2 different diamond sizes, one set for the XS/S/M sizes and another set for the L/XL/XXL sizes.  In addition if you are knitting the XS or L sizes, I have made recommendations to use a smaller needle at a tighter gauge.

Join us for the knitalong and experience one of the most fabulous yarns in the world, Merino Cloud, a combination of 80 Merino and 20 Cashmere that is soft as butter yet wearable for every day, since it is very durable and hardy.  Make it with a skein of Beaded Silk & Sequins Light to alternate a little bling at the yoke, or skip the glitter and use 2 skeins of Merino Cloud for the small size.  Other sizes are specified, and details on joining the knitalong are available here:

The first thing you will receive when you post a photo of your yarn is instructions on how to create a gauge swatch.

This will explain to you how to ensure that you are using the correct needles for the size you need.  Once you have determined the right needle size, post a photo of your completed swatch, and I’ll send you Part 1 of the pattern.  There is a discussion group as well where you can discuss the pattern and yarn with fellow knitters: