This is still on the needles but I can tell that it will be a really pretty shawl, and I’m so excited to have you join me on this adventure.  The best thing about this pattern is the unpredictable nature of how different colors will show off the design.  I am using Ensemble Light, which is 400 yards per skein of the softest yarn you will likely encounter, and it is perfect because of the great amount of texture in this pattern stitch.  I recommend it highly.

Because some of you have the yarn already, I have decided to post a small part of the beginning of  the pattern here for you.

Start with an I-Cord Tab.


Step 1:  Provisionally Cast on 3 sts using a crochet hook and waste yarn.  Lucy Neatby has a great Youtube Video for this.

Step 2:  Attach your Ensemble Light color A (darker color), and knit across the 3 provisionally cast on sts.  *Slip the 3 sts to the left needle with the yarn in back, and knit them again; Repeat from *  4 times. This forms the I-cord tube, and the best way to visualize it is to actually do it and see for yourself.

Step 3:   Slip the 3 sts to the left needle and knit them with the right needle.  This time go on and pick up and knit 4 sts along the I-cord tube you just created.  There are now 7 sts on the right needle. (The illustration above shows how the stitches are picked up along to upper side of the I-cord after you have slipped the 3 sts from on end.)

Step 4: Remove the waste yarn from the 3 provisionally cast on stitches, and with the yarn in front, slip them all to the right needle–there are now 10 sts on the right needle.

Abbreviations:  kfb:  knit into the front and back of the stitch, an increase of 1 stitch; pm: place marker, rm: remove marker; sl3wyif: slip 3 sts with yarn in front  from left to right needle–you can slip these knitwise or purlwise, just be consistent.


Using Color A (darker color), and the 10 sts of the i-cord tab you created, work as follows:

Row 1:  K3, slip 3 from right  to left needle with yarn in back, k3 again (same sts), kfb, kfb, pm, k1, kfb, sl3wyif–3 sts increased, 13 sts

Row 2: K3, slip 3 sts from right to left needle with yarn in back, k3 again (same sts), kfb, k to marker, rm, kfb, pm, k to last 4 sts, kfb, sl3wyif–3 sts increased, 16 sts

Repeat Row 2 six more times until there are 34 sts.

Post a photo of your yarn (which must be Artyarns yarn) on the Ravelry Pattern Page.  If you need assistance as to how to create a project page, you can follow the guidelines here.

On or about October 15, I will send instructions for Part 1.


If you need to get yarn, you can ask for it at your local yarn shop, or visit these online re-sellers who have created special project pages for the knitalong:


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