Gradients Triangle Shawl (Browns)
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Gradients Kit


The Gradients Kit, packed with Artyarns’ most luxurious hand-dyed yarns and 3 exclusive downloadable patterns, has everything you need to make a statement accessory. It includes 4 skeins of Merino Cloud (our Extra Fine Merino and Cashmere Blend) in graduated shades, 2 shawl patterns, and a jacket pattern that requires 2 kits for sizes Small and Medium, and 3 kits for sizes Large and XLarge.

Stitches/abbreviations used and explained in the pattern instructions: K2tog (knit two together); SSK (Slip 2 knitwise); KFB  (knit into front and back); Sl3wyif/Sl3wyib (slip3 knitwise); PM (place marker); RM (remove marker); PFB (purl through front and back); YO (yarn over); CDD (slip 2 together knitwise, pass over, decrease)

Each kit contains:

    • • 4 skeins of Merino Cloud (80% Extra Fine Merino, 20% Cashmere) – 540yd/496m/120g total
    • • 3 downloadable patterns by renowned knitwear designer Iris Schreier — a Triangle Shawl measuring 67″ wide (wingspan) x 20″ deep and a Lace Rectangular Shawl measuring 60″ long x 10″ wide. Also included is a Lace Jacket pattern that requires multiple kits depending on size: 2(2, 3, 3) kits for sizes S (M, L, XL) and measuring 34″ (38″, 42″, 46″) around chest and a length of 23″ (24″, 29″, 30″) unblocked

Just add your own needles (size US 5 for shawls, size US 6 for jacket).

Free Shipping — U.S. delivery only. Other countries contact us.

Available in 12 colors. Click on images at left for full size photos and choose your color(s) from the pull-down menu below.

The Gradients Kit is incredibly popular with designers. Check out some of their gorgeous Gradients Kit patterns on Ravelry for more design ideas: T-Hat & T-Cowl, Nimbus Cowl, Gradient Cowl, Wrapped for Winter Cowl, Ode to Autumn Shawl/Wrap, Immersion Cardigan, Aliyah, Bolt and True Love Hat & Mitts

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